2-5 Days Before Your Tan

You need to complete all waxing, facial treatments, chemical peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and anything else you do to care for your face and skin. It’s important to allow enough time to heal before you get your spray tan. 

You should also stop using retinol at least 2 days before your tan so your face will tan evenly and match the rest of your body. Retinol causes an uneven or faded tan.

Spray Tan Prep + After Care

24 Hours Before Your Tan

Last call for any manicures or pedicures! You don’t want to get your nails done on the same day as your spray tan because soaking your hands or feet in water will result in a blotchy, uneven tan. 

Make sure you shower, shave, and exfoliate everywhere you will be tanning, and remove any existing spray tan. (Sometimes the removal process can take a couple days!) Don’t put any lotion (nothing on your face!) or perfume on after your shower. If you forget to shower and shave, don’t do it the day of – just skip this step and come on in. We do have cleansing mitts available for purchase in the studio. 

How to Dress For Your Tan

Always choose loose-fitting clothes in darker colors. If your tan transfers to your clothes, it will usually wash out – but you can make it easier by starting with darker fabrics. We recommend wearing clothing that will cover your tan and give you room to breathe: long-sleeve t-shirts, pajamas, loose joggers, oversized hoodies, and flip flops.

Once you take your first shower, your color won’t transfer to your clothing. But avoid wearing any bra, tight clothes, leggings, or socks while your tan is developing.

Don’t put on makeup or deodorant. If you have these on, you’ll have to remove them (don’t worry, we have wipes for you!) before applying your tan. 

Female clients can choose to tan nude or in any combination to your comfort level. Bathing suits and undergarments are allowed, and we provide complimentary disposable bras and thong underwear for your convenience.

Male clients are required to wear undergarments. Wear your own or use our disposable boxers – whatever you prefer! 

After Your Tan

Think of this as your excuse to take it easy! No sweating, working out, cleaning, washing dishes, or playing in the rain allowed. You really must avoid anything that includes water splashing on you! 

Don’t have skin-to-skin contact with anyone else or yourself. That means no crossing your legs, putting your head on your hands, touching your face, etc. If you sleep with your legs pulled up or your head on your arms, make sure your legs and arms are covered with loose long-sleeves and pants. 

After your instructed time to wait (it varies based on the type of tan you choose), complete your first rinse (this isn’t a full blown shower) in lukewarm (not hot!) water. Your tan should have set by now. This isn’t the time for your “everything” shower – it’s really just a quick rinse. Get in, rinse off the cosmetic bronzer with only your hands – no loofahs or cloths, avoid using soap or shampoo during your first rinse as it can interfere with proper color processing, and get out. Don’t freak out if you see the bronzer coming off – it’s not your tan… it’s just part of the process so we can see where we applied the tan during your appointment. 

After you rinse off, pat yourself dry. No rubbing allowed! Don’t use moisturizer after you rinse. Save that step for after your first regular shower – 24 hours after your spray tan. 

Rinsing early can result in a lighter color tan and shorten the life of your tan. 

Can’t wait the 8-12 hours? Consider booking a Rapid Tan that processes in 1-5 hours.

It may feel like a lot of rules, but following these guidelines will result in the longest-lasting, most even tan!

Pro Tips to Extend the Life of Your Tan

  1. Moisturize – every morning and every night. Keeping your skin hydrated will help it shed more slowly, so your tan lasts longer.
  2. Don’t exercise until after your first shower. 
  3. Avoid things that involve a lot of water or sweating for 3-5 days after your tan. No swimming, intense workouts, hot baths, or saunas.
  4. Shower as little as possible. The water will wash away some of your tan, so each time you shower, it will get a little lighter. 
  5. Wear sunscreen and protect your skin in the sun.
  6. Don’t use oil-based skin products as the oil can break down your tan. 
  7. Don't use Dove Soap.

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